Can FRP Round Pipe Be Used For Partial Steel Profiles?

The FRP pultrusion pipe is a kind of unsaturated resin as the base. It is made of glass fiber as the carrier. After one-time pultrusion, the appearance of the product is flat, the color is bright, the quality is good, the appearance is beautiful, the quality of the FRP pultrusion pipe is good, and the strength is high. Compared with the strength of steel, the service life is up to 20 years.


FRP pultrusion pipe has strong corrosion resistance, maintenance-free and rust-free, so it is especially important in corrosive and open-air environments. It is a better substitute for stainless steel. The colors are varied and the colors are bright. Beautiful and generous, it has greatly improved the improvement and beautification of the urban environment. Because the FRP pultrusion tube can not be melted and recovered in one time, it reduces the possibility of illegal elements being stolen, and has its own anti-theft characteristics.

Post time: Nov-22-2019
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