Customer-centric/Enable CRM customer management system

In order to standardize the service work of enterprises to customers, continuously deepen the understanding of customer needs, realize the “customer-centric” marketing concept, improve customer satisfaction and trust, and improve corporate competitiveness. Today, our company The relevant personnel of the Ministry of Integrated Management held training and learning of the CRM client system.
Through the CRM sales module, the automation of the company’s own sales process is improved. With the development of the enterprise’s network, order processing and information transmission will be carried out through the network. The CRM system can help coordinate other business elements of the enterprise and achieve resource sharing within the enterprise to improve the overall responsiveness and transaction processing capabilities of the enterprise sales department, thereby providing customers with faster and thoughtful quality services and attracting and maintaining more customers.

By using CRM’s data warehouse and data mining, the collected data understands enterprise customers, discovers customer needs of ordinary meaning, and rationally analyzes the customer’s individual needs, so as to mine product varieties and product functions that have market needs but are not provided by the enterprise, and Need to improve and improve the high-value-added deep processing and other considerations, and through the collection and analysis of raw materials supply, regional environmental protection, financial and trade policies and other resources, combined with the profit model calculation, in the production and development of the enterprise to determine the product variety , Product function and performance, product output, etc. to provide decision support.

Through the use of CRM system to provide personalized technical solutions, product after-sales service, etc. to existing customers, and optimize their work processes, ultimately achieve customer-centric, improve customer satisfaction and trust.

Post time: Jul-02-2020
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