Effect of adding too much calcium powder on FRP grating

The raw materials in the FRP grill are mixed according to a certain proportion. No matter which kind of material is added too much, it will have a certain impact on the quality of the product. So what effect will the addition of too much calcium powder have on the quality of the FRP grill?
Calcium powder has a great effect on the dimensional stability in the glass fiber reinforced plastic trench cover. It can also increase the hardness of the product, and improve the surface gloss and surface smoothness of the product. Therefore, calcium powder is an indispensable filler in the FRP trench cover. The high-quality calcium powder has a fine and white texture and is flame retardant. The produced FRP trench cover is bright and transparent, and has good toughness.
We said earlier that the raw materials of the FRP trench cover are generally configured with glass fiber, resin and calcium powder in a certain proportion. The grid cover plate produced in this ratio is of high quality, not only the surface is smooth and flat, but also the load-bearing toughness and service life are in line with the requirements. However, many manufacturers in the market often add too much calcium powder during the production process, which will definitely cause the quality of the FRP trench cover produced to decline. Why add so much calcium powder? As long as the other two raw materials, glass fiber and resin, are expensive, and the price of calcium powder is relatively cheap, in order to reduce production costs, merchants increase the amount of calcium powder, so that the use of the other two raw materials will decline.
Too much calcium powder is added to the FRP trench cover, which will inevitably reduce the glass fiber and resin in the raw materials. In this way, the load-bearing of the FRP trench cover will be reduced, other characteristics such as corrosion resistance will be deteriorated, and the service life will also be reduced. And the appearance of the cover plate will also deteriorate, the surface may be uneven, and there is no gloss, it may also produce a lot of white spots.
Not only calcium powder, but also high-quality resin and fiberglass are needed to produce high-quality glass reinforced plastic trench cover. If you use inferior resin, it will be completely opposite. Inferior resin is turbid, high viscosity, high exotherm, high shrinkage, The curing is relatively slow and the compatibility is poor. The produced FRP grid has many pores, is easy to break, and has poor strength and poor toughness. High-quality fiberglass fiber wire, such as alkali-free fiberglass fiber wire, has higher strength than steel wire, has certain toughness, chemical stability, good weather resistance, almost no water absorption and fire.
Too much calcium powder affects the quality of the glass fiber reinforced plastic trench cover. We will introduce you here. When choosing the glass fiber reinforced plastic trench cover, pay special attention to whether the manufacturer uses high-quality raw materials. This has a great impact on the quality of the product.

Post time: Jul-03-2020
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