Fixing Method Of FRP Grid

Most customers will inquire about the product before purchasing the FRP grid. Among them, the fixing method of the FRP grid is more consulted by everyone. Below we will explain to you:
There are currently four main installation methods for FRP gratings: staircase installation, trench installation, floor installation and support beam installation. The stainless steel clip is used as a special connector for the FRP grille. It is made of stainless steel 304 and is corrosion-resistant and high-strength. Its shape is divided into: M type, U type, C type, L type, V type. There is a screw hole in the middle of the clip for threading. It is very convenient to install.

frp grating22

Fiberglass grille installation
Type C joint signing: used for jointing the sides and sides of two unsupported grilles, with a group nature.


Stair installation

The grid and the supporting steel beam should be fixed with M-type or L-type firearms. Each grid should have at least 4 pieces. The two adjacent non-supporting grids should be considered suitable between the sides and should be implemented with C-type fixtures. Double-click, use at least one core every 1.8m.

In the process of application, the washing liquid can be used to clean the external dust and dirt, and no other protection and maintenance treatment methods are needed.

M-type connection: fixed firmly, used for positioning and connection of grille bracket and bracket.

Platform installation

The FRP grid has at least 50mm wide support on the cement foundation, and the gap between the grid and cement is 3-6mm.


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FRP grille protection

The gap between the lifting step of the grille and the frame is 3-6mm. Each lifting step is fixed by 8 fixing fixtures, and 2 of each corner are used. It can also be directly fixed on the bracket.
During the application process, direct contact with various flamed fires and high temperatures such as electric welding, oxygen acetylene flame, etc. should be prevented during maintenance of the steel structure and facilities.
L-shaped joint: used for special positioning and joint of medium-normal loads and supports.
The grille lifting step should be installed in the lifting frame or on the bracket. The frame or bracket can be made of steel or glass fiber reinforced plastic. During the application process, the drag and impact of various steels, steel sharps, tools, etc. during the maintenance of the steel structure and blending facilities should be prevented from referring to the single grid size of the grille. Close the door to maintain the groupness of the cells and achieve a nice and elegant installation effect.

Post time: Jun-27-2020
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