FRP Material function and future development prospect

FRP is a kind of composite material, which is composed of resin curing agent and glass fiber according to a certain proportion, and has strong flexibility and strength. Moreover, FRP is light in weight, high in strength and low in maintenance cost, so it is widely used in petrochemical industry because of its many advantages. Moreover, its specific gravity is only 2 / 3 of that of concrete. Moreover, it is very light in weight, convenient for loading and unloading, and also convenient for installation. Therefore, in the current construction site, materials can be integrated and constructed according to the specific environment, which is very convenient to work in the construction.


FRP is widely used in our life, and FRP anticorrosion can make the performance of FRP play the best role in anticorrosion. On the one hand, it can withstand chemical corrosion. No matter in the environment with strong acid, strong alkali or organic solvent for a long time, it can play a very stable material performance, absolutely not because of these The existence of environmental factors, and let the material corrosion. And it has good heat preservation effect, so it is a very excellent heat insulation material in industry, and it can ensure the constant water temperature in summer. And in those relatively bad weather, it can also show good performance, not cracking and will not oxidize and rust, and can permanently ensure the stability of the material. Therefore, in the modern construction industry, the use of FRP anti-corrosion adhesive will have a better use in the future development, so the FRP anti-corrosion material has a good prospect in the future development, and will also be used in a wider range.

Post time: Feb-07-2020
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