How To Deal With The Residue Of FRP Pipe?

How can I recycle the residue of FRP pipe? In the production process of FRP round tubes, some residues often appear. These residues can be used in other places. The following FRP round tubes are used to explain in detail how to deal with the residues of FRP tubes. 1. As a fuel: Because the resin contains a large amount of combustible substrate, it can be used as a fuel, but the residue often contains some non-combustible fiber yarns, so we can use this method to recover the residue. 2. Using the chopping method: the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe production line comes with recycling equipment, and is continuously chopped at the same time of production and production.


3. Refining: A large amount of combustion gas can be obtained after burning the resin contained in the FRP pipe. Since the resin contains a large amount of chemical raw materials, it can be fully burned, and we can collect a large amount of burned gas. 4. Crushing: This method is the preferred solution we use now, because there are a large number of fibers in the residue that can be reinforced with the resin, and can be used as a filler for other products after pulverization.

Post time: Nov-20-2019
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