How to repair the broken FRP grill?

The FRP grid has been used for a long time, and it is inevitable that it needs to be repaired, so how to repair the FRP grid? What details do we need to pay attention to? Please look down:
Before repairing the FRP grid, first check the damage status, determine the repair procedure, and prepare the necessary materials and tools. They are generally used in the same resin as the main body. Reinforcing materials can be felt, roving and cloth. Then follow the patching procedure to repair and polish.

frp grating
The auxiliary materials and tools for repairing are: release materials (wax, polyester film, cellophane, etc.), sandpaper, files, and grinders. Polisher, hacksaw, electric drill, dissolving for cleaning, filler for putty, container, weighing utensil, brush, scraper, brush for dipping, roller, scissors, infrared lamp, polishing paste, hand-held Polishing machine, etc.
The repair of FRP grid can be divided into the repair of surface damage and the repair of structural damage. The repair process of surface damage is the same as that of FRP molds or other products. When repairing the surface of FRP, the resin with the same color as the original product should be selected (it should be retained as appropriate during construction), fillers such as talc, titanium dioxide should be white in color.

Post time: Jun-30-2020
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