Precautions For Maintenance Of Fiberglass Cable Bracket

Fiberglass cable support

Although the FRP cable bracket is very durable, it has to be maintained after the wind and the sun:

1. Regular maintenance: Generally, the cable tray can be maintained once every quarter. After wiping off the dust on the surface with a soft cloth, evenly wipe the surface with the glazing wax. After a while, polish with a clean soft cloth to prevent moisture. Hardware accessories and metal handles can be wiped and dried with less engine oil, so that it can rotate flexibly and prevent rust and oxidation.

2. Avoid placing the FRP cable bracket in a place with high temperature and humidity, and keep the room ventilated and dry.

3. Avoid contacting the surface with corrosive liquids, such as wine, nail polish, etc.

4. Use a dry soft cloth and use maintenance wax.

5. Daily maintenance: Use a clean soft cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the cable tray regularly.

Never use a damp cloth or hard objects to wipe the surface of the lacquer, mirrors, and glass.

Avoid contact with acids, alkaline chemicals and greasy substances.

Post time: Jul-04-2020
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