The Reason Why FRP Is Widely Used

FRP pultruded profiles are composited with glass fiber as the reinforcing material, resin as the adhesive, and other auxiliary materials. Through the rational application of FRP pultrusion profiles, it can be made into different products, such as glass steel pipes, round pipes, square pipes, square bars, rectangular bars, round bars, angle steel, I-beams, channel steels, and bar standards. FRP pultruded products of profiles and various profiles. The reason why FRP pultrusion profiles can be widely used is mainly because it has many characteristics.

1. High intensity. The specific gravity is 1.8-2.1g / cm3, which is only a quarter of steel. FRP pultruded products are lightweight and high-strength; the tensile strength of pultruded profiles is 150-300MPa, and the bending strength is 200-300MPa. After 1000h of labor After accelerated aging, the bending strength retention rate can reach 78%.

2. Low deformation rate. The length change of FRP pultrusion profile after artificial acceleration aging for 1000h is + 0.03%, and the width change rate is -0.07%. Therefore, the geometry and size of pultruded profiles can be stable for a long time.

3. High heat distortion temperature. Pultrusion profiles have a thermal deformation temperature of 186 ° C, do not soften at high temperatures, and are not brittle at -60 ° C, ensuring normal use at various ambient temperatures.

4. Low water absorption. The water absorption of ordinary glass fiber reinforced plastic products is less than 0.5%, while the water absorption of pultruded profiles is only 0.257%, which is suitable for use in harsh open and humid environments.

5. Low thermal insulation coefficient. The heat transfer coefficient of pultruded profiles is close to that of rigid PVC. The thermal insulation coefficient of single-frame double-glass thermal insulation windows made of it is only 2.69W / (m2.K), while the same type is made of steel and aluminum The thermal insulation coefficient of the window is as high as 4.0W / (m2.K).

6, good security. Pultrusion glass fiber reinforced plastic products have electrical insulation, wave permeability, no electric spark, and can be flame-retardant treated according to user needs.

7. Good impact resistance and good manufacturability. Pultrusion FRP products have better impact resistance and fatigue resistance. It can also be manufactured into different sections according to customer specifications.

It is precisely because the FRP pultrusion profiles have the above-mentioned advantages that FRP pultrusion profiles can win the recognition of many users and be made into different products. The FRP pultrusion profiles produced and provided by our company can be made into different products and applied in different fields in addition to reliable quality.

Post time: Jan-11-2020
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