The Role Of FRP Profile Filler

In the last issue, we briefly introduced the coloration of FRP profiles. In this issue, we mainly look at the role of fillers in the production of FRP profiles. When using fillers, the concept of fillers should be distinguished from reinforcing materials. Generally, reinforcing materials are mainly used to improve the mechanical strength of the resin, and the purpose of using fillers is mainly:

1. Reduce costs. It is believed that the price of fillers is cheaper than that of resins and most reinforcing materials. The use of spices can reduce the amount of resin correspondingly, so the cost is reduced. For example, polyvinyl chloride can be filled with calcium carbonate or coal ash powder.

2. Reinforcing effect. Due to the addition of fillers, the mechanical properties and heat resistance of composite materials can be significantly improved. Such as calcium carbonate, talc, mica, glass fiber reinforced plastic beads, etc. can increase the flexural modulus, flexural strength, thermal deformation temperature and dimensional stability of the composite material.

3. Additional functions. Due to the addition of fillers, polymer materials can produce some functions that were not previously available, such as thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, abrasion resistance, electrical insulation, chemical resistance, and flame resistance.


Post time: Dec-02-2019
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